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E30 M3 NLA Rare Parts For Sale

Hello internet friends and E30 community! I am putting all of my E30 M3 parts up for sale this weekend and this post will serve as a preview of the parts I’m clearing out. As you can imagine, this collection has taken many years to get together and was initially intended for an E30 M3 conversion on a standard E30 body. I’m focusing my efforts on collecting more interesting things now, like digital Pokemon. 

Considering how high E30 M3 pricing has climbed in the last few years, I think it’s best that these parts go to restoring the remaining cars that need them. Then again, if you’re set on a conversion, I have collected most of the very hard to source NLA items here.

The following parts will be listed shortly. I am getting everything photographed and writing descriptions of their condition and will get everything up as soon as possible. You can follow me on Twitter or Instagram for updates so that you don’t miss out. All parts must be picked up in Connecticut.

3rd Brake Light

E30 M3 Third Brake Light with Wiring Harness

Parcel Shelf E30 M3 Extension

E30 M3 Parcel Shelf with M3 Specific NLA Extension Piece

Driver Trunk Panel.jpg

E30 M3 Specific NLA Driver Trunk Panel


Passenger Trunk Panel

E30 M3 Specific NLA Passenger Trunk Panel

A Pillar.jpg

NLA E30 M3 A Pillar Trim Driver + Passenger

Driver C Pillar

E30 M3 Driver C Pillar Trim for Pop Windows

Seat Covers Front

E30 M3 OEM Original Rear Seat Natur Leather Covers

Seat Covers Back.jpg

E30 M3 Natur Seat Covers

Bumper Trim Tape

E30 M3 OEM Evo Bumper Tape Red and Black

E30 M3 Trunk and Spoiler.jpg

Factory Trunk Lid with Factory Spoiler and M3 Emblem

Trunk Hinges E30 M3.jpg

NLA E30 M3 Specific Trunk Hinges

Trunk Hinges.jpg

E30 M3 Specific NLA Trunk Tension Rods. Required for installing M3 trunk on standard E30.

Side Skirts OEM M3

Pair of NLA Factory E30 M3 side skirts

M3 Side Markers.jpg

NLA Amber Side Markers

NLA Side Markers.jpg

NLA Amber Bumper Side Markers

NLA E30 M3 Rear Bumper.jpg

NLA Complete E30 M3 Rear Bumper

E30 M3 Euro Bumper.jpg

E30 M3 Evo Front Bumper With Trim

E30 M3 Bumper.jpg

Evo Front Bumper


S14 Factory HEYCO Spark Plug Wrench


M20 H23/H26 Hartge Valve Cover

In summary, there are quite a few NLA, rare and hard to find parts in this collection. I will also be selling the freshly restored M20 Hartge valve cover pictured above which I wrote about at length here. I’m sure there will be a lot of interest in these parts, so please give me some time to get back to you if you have messaged be about anything.

You can reach me via email at

As always, you can connect with me on Facebook, Instagram and on YouTube.


  1. John says

    Hi I’m interested your rear bumper and more. How can I get a hold of you?


  2. Jaime Rivera says

    Hi, im interest parcel shelf, 3er brake and driver c pillar, please let me the price for each,


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