BIMMERZEIT documents the adventures of Richard Belton, a car enthusiast obsessed with all things BMW. Best contact for collaboration opportunities is via email bimmerzeit@gmail.com

I’m busy making things and don’t spend much time on email. While I can’t guarantee that I’ll get back to you, I truly appreciate your support.

This blog periodically contains affiliate links, whereby I earn a small commission through parts purchases you make through the links I recommend at no additional cost to you. This method of monetization helps support my work with no ads.


    • Hey Paul, unfortunately there is not. You will need to buy the slightly newer radio from a parts car (or try eBay) with the newer production date. Be sure to verify the date on the label before purchasing.


  1. Your videos kick ass. Please keep filming them. They blow away the poorly filmed junk that is out there from 2010.


  2. Andy says

    Today, I changed the transfer case actuator motor gear on my X5. I was able to do this job and save thousands of dollars because of your youtube video. Thanks for sharing and helping. Much obliged.


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