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My First Electric BMW

Recently I teamed up with the marketing guys at BMW of Bridgeport Connecticut to test drive my first electric BMW. I took out a 2018 i3 on loan, a car that I’ve wanted to test drive ever since I heard about its development in Leipzig, Germany. Here’s a video I posted to my YouTube channel sharing a little bit about the experience.

Test Driving a 2021 Tesla at the Milford, Connecticut Gallery

About a month ago I made a video called The End of Gas Powered BMW’s where I drove around in my 1990 735iL just talking to the camera about electric cars and my desire to drive one. I’ve been curious and interested in electric vehicles for a long time. In fact, I gave an elaborate presentation on Toyota’s hybrid technology for an engineering class at The University of Connecticut back in 2006. Wow, it’s hard to believe my college days were that long ago. Anyway, after uploading that video, it turns out that one of my subscribers is a Tesla employee who also happens to be a BMW enthusiast. Hey, even Elon Musk began his passion for cars with BMW, long before the idea for Tesla was born. Elon’s mother tweeted the photo below two years ago: Elon working on his E21 BMW in 1995! In the photo, it looks like he has the door card trim panel removed to repair a broken window regulator motor. The steering wheel also appears to be a three …