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Where to Buy BMW Parts

Shopping online for replacement parts for your BMW has never been easier thanks to this brand’s massive enthusiast following. You can purchase parts at just about any major outlet, with brands ranging anywhere from low end suppliers to the good old German-made brands. Wether you are shopping for your E30 or E46, here are my favorite online vendors to order parts from. 


Yes, believe it or not Amazon carries a solid range of E30 replacement parts. They have replacement parts including everything from brakes to cooling system and timing belt items. Amazon’s warranty is first rate and they refund or replace defective parts almost immediately. If you have a Prime account two day shipping is free. The shipping guarantee is nice especially when you need the part really fast or need a guarantee it will arrive before the weekend. While some third party vendors on Amazon do not offer competitive prices, most parts that say sold by and shipped from are extremely competitive.

2. Bavarian Autosport

Bavarian Autosport is one of the oldest suppliers in the game and also one of my favorites. They may not always have the lowest price, but they do offer free ground shipping on most orders over $150 along with no sales tax collected. They’re located in New Hampshire which means no sales tax is collected and ground shipping is usually one day to arrive here in Connecticut. Their prices are competitive on some parts, but overpriced on others so you must price shop before placing the order. The best way to shop here is to get a large order of maintenance parts of at least $150 that are priced well and qualify for free shipping. Order the remaining parts you need from another vendor where they’re cheaper.

3. Turner Motorsport

Turner Motorsport’s online parts shop represents the business end of the race team located in Amesbury, Massachusetts. They offer a great selection of performance parts and unique brands such as Supersprint that other vendors do not offer. Their prices are not that great and parts prices are high even with their discounts. I used to shop here five plus years ago but have since gone elsewhere as their competitors operate with lower margins.

4. FCP Euro

FCP Euro located in Milford, Connecticut often has some of the lowest prices on parts around. They do currently offer free shipping over $49. Be careful though, as some items are marked up substantially higher than places like Bavarian Autosport. It’s best to shop with multiple browser windows open to compare prices between vendors. Since I reside in the state of Connecticut, and FCP Euro operates in Connecticut, they are required to charge and collect sales tax on my orders. This adds a 6.35% expense to the order total which does add up. Their service is great and their lifetime warranty on pretty much everything sounds amazing in theory, though I have not tested out that promise yet.

5. ECS Tuning

ECS Tuning offers a solid range of performance parts from companies such as H&R, Bilstein, Koni and many, many others. Along with performance parts they also have an admirable OEM parts catalog much like FCP Euro. While prices are reasonable, better parts prices can often be found at Bavarian Autosport or FCP Euro. They currently run a promotion touting free shipping with no minimum order amount, with some exclusions applying. For example, a bumper cover will cost you $100 in shipping, so free shipping on everything is not really true. On the plus side, ECS does put together nice brake and maintenance packages which makes ordering very easy. Sometimes piecing gaskets together on your own can lead to errors, so it’s nice to look at their kits as all of the small items have been put together for you.


Well, that pretty much sums up my go-to list for online BMW parts vendors. I have ordered from Bavarian Autosport since 2003 and they have always been fair. In the last few years however, their parts have increasingly changed over to brands made in China such as low quality brands with misleading monikers such as “JL Germany”. Be sure to ask what brand you’re buying before placing an order since many of Bavarian Autosport’s catalog now does not specify a brand. Read more about my disdain for Chinese made auto parts here.

Lately my orders have shifted to ordering with FCP Euro due to their low prices and wide range of quality German parts. Finally, be sure to check Amazon for popular items such as water pumps, belts and spark plugs (or any maintenance parts) for amazing prices that only a giant like Amazon can offer.

So let me know, where do you shop online for your BMW parts?

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  1. I thought I would update this post. From 2016-2020 I have ordered nearly everything I use from FCP Euro, with the exception of a few things at ECS Tuning that FCP Euro did not have in their catalog. FCP’s LIFETIME Warranty is the real deal. I have warrantied parts and even oil and fluids. Yes that’s right. Return old oil and get new oil for free. I don’t know how they do it, but it is real. I love FCP Euro!


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