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Is Buying a Used BMW i3 a Good or Bad Idea?

So you’re thinking of going all electric… me too With the prices of used BMW i3 EV and used Nissan Leaf EV vehicles coming down rapidly these days, the thought of buying my first new (used) electric car is making more sense now than ever before. Leasing a new electric car is typically advised over buying a new one due to the huge depreciation hit these cars suffer from in their first 5 years. However, buying an older used electric car outright is more appealing for several reasons: no monthly car payment, no need for expensive full insurance coverage, no hidden fees or wear fees when returning the lease car. In addition, many enthusiasts just prefer to actually own vs. feeling like you’re renting. The most important considerations when buying an electric vehicle are the range capability and current battery condition. How well will a particular car’s electric range fit into your daily needs such as commuting to work, family trips, shopping trips. I have found that it is common for EV owners to share …

The Best New Electric Cars in 2017

The New Year is here and along with it comes the flood of new model year releases from electric car manufacturers. BMW, Nissan and Volkswagen are the three automakers currently manufacturing EV models that I would personally consider buying or leasing this year. While a Tesla is on my dream list, the current pricing is simply too expensive for your average driver, myself included. We’ll just have to wait until their more affordable model 3 is finally delivered which, according to the Tesla site, is slated for mid 2018.