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BMW Spark Plug and Coil Pack Replacement

Replacing the spark plugs and coil packs on your BMW is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to increase performance and enhance fuel economy. This job can be completed with just a few basic hand tools and an hour of your time. Factory Bosch ignition coil packs cost about $29 each and NGK platinum factory spec plugs cost about $7 each. At only $36 per cylinder, that puts a full tune up at $216 for a six cylinder and $288 for an 8 cylinder. 

To put those rates in perspective, the charge for this service at my local BMW dealership here in Connecticut is $973.02 before tax. Do-it-yourself and save over $750! To break down that pricing further, here is what the service invoice charged the previous owner of my 530i for that service a few years ago: Ignition Coils $558.60. Labor $292.86. Spark Plugs $121.56. Below is a photo of that service invoice.

BMW Service Invoice

Performing this maintenance yourself for the first time can be anxiety inducing, but the challenge of doing it yourself is totally worth the cost savings. I’ve recorded a tutorial video to show you how to perform this service step by step, which I completed on my 530i with the M54 6 cylinder engine. This basic service is essentially the same on any BMW engine, with slight variations in coil pack style and style of engine cover.

Have any additional questions or concerns about this service? Feel free to contact me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or YouTube with any concerns and I’ll be happy to help.






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