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BMW Launches Premium Car Sharing Service ReachNow

Rumors have been circulating the automotive world for several months about the secret car-sharing service under development at BMW. Car share services such as Zip Car and Getaround have flourished in the last few years thanks to economic forces that put pressure on people’s ability to purchase or lease new cars. 

The ReachNow service is modeled on BMW’s very successful European car-sharing service called DriveNow, which launched in Munich almost five years ago in June 2011. BMW executives can now take their business model and experience into the US market.

The Cost

Renting a new BMW or Mini will cost 49 cents per minute, and is currently on promotion for 41 cents per minute. Drive for up to 3 hours for $50, up to 12 hours for $80, and up to 24 hours for $110. There will also be a one-time start up fee of $39, which is currently waived for their promotion period.

Park & Drop BMW

Park & Drop

Parking is free within the home area, and you can drop the car off there when you’re done driving. This is particularly useful and efficient, and reminds me of New York City’s Citi Bike rental- but without the hassle of finding a Citi bike rack.

ReachNow Car Sharing BMW

The Cars

The number of models available for rent are limited, but it is awesome that they put an electric vehicle in the line up. The models available include: BMW i3 electric, Mini 2-door, Mini 4-door, and the BMW 328xi sedan.

While the program launches in Seattle, we do hope to see it offered in metro areas in the rest of the US soon. I definitely look forward to renting the i3 for a few hours to facilitate a review of the car. Let’s hope the service comes to Connecticut or New York City very soon.

What do you think about the service? Connect with me on twitter @BimmerZeit to discuss!



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