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E39 Tie Rod Replacement

Replacing the front suspension on your E39 is one of the most effective ways to improve the performance of your BMW. However, taking your car to the dealer or independent repair shop can cost thousands to have all of the various front and rear suspension components replaced. 

My local BMW dealership charges over $140 per hour for their standard labor rate! Adding up all of the labor hours required to replace the worn suspension in addition to cost of parts could mean paying more than your car is actually worth after a certain point.

Assuming you have some mechanical ability and the desire to save on maintenance costs, performing the service yourself is the only way most of us can afford to drive these aging German sedans.

I’ve just replaced the tie rods on my 2001 530i, and uploaded a short tutorial video DIY on how to complete the job below. But first, here’s a list of parts and tools you’ll need to complete the job.

Recommended Parts and Tool List

Lemforder Tie Rods Left + Right E39 6 Cylinder Models

Lemforder Steering Rack Rubber Boots 6 Cylinder Models

BMW Ball Joint Removal Tool

Replacing The Tie Rods

Please note that this tutorial applies to only the 6 cylinder versions of the E39 5 series, including the 525i, 528i and 530i. The suspension design is different on V8 models.

It is also recommended that you take the car in for a four wheel alignment after replacing the tie rods. This is one job that I would take my car to a BMW dealership for, as they have the necessary experience and machines to perform a proper alignment.

Have any additional questions or concerns about this service? You can reach me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or YouTube with any concerns and I’ll be happy to help!

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