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1987 325is Rust Free in California

Today’s Craigslist find brings us to Ventura, California. A 1987 325is with automatic transmission is listed for only $5400 which seems to be well priced for the condition. Of course, the automatic transmission detracts from the value a bit compared to an original factory 5 speed model. 

E30 Interior New

The interior looks like it has been reupholstered recently and looks like a pretty good job compared to most others out there. It’s unclear if the material is leather or vinyl, but I would bet it is likely vinyl due to the very high cost of leather.

E30 Interior New 2

The rear seat is also well done in factory stitching and the carpets look clean. Overall very nice interior for a 29 year old car. The exterior retains the correct 325is front spoiler below the bumper and 325is badging.

E30 Cluster

The gauge cluster however has the incorrect tachometer for a 325is. Present in the dash looks like a 325e or eta cluster, so it may have been incorrectly swapped at one point. I would check to make sure this car is a 1987 325is by a VIN check. If it is a genuine 325is, the next step would be to verify the mileage. If the cluster has been messed with the mileage listed at 170,000 may not be correct.

1987 325is rear

Overall a mostly original 325is is incredibly hard to find in 2016. The best cars are coming from the Southern and Western regions of the US. The seller has performed a long list of maintenance and updates and has a clean title. This would be a good one to check out in person, though I would be wary of the story behind the gauge cluster.

See the original Craigslist listing here. What do you think about the 1987 325is models? Let me know in the comments below.



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