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BMW M Tech Sport Steering Wheel Trim Removal and Replacement DIY


One of the most common wear points in a car is the steering wheel, since it sees a ton of use and abuse over the life of the car. The M tech sport steering wheels in particular have a way of wearing and peeling badly that BMW didn’t really plan for. Original versions of the sport steering wheel trim have a black coating that peels and scratches off over time, revealing the white bare plastic beneath it. Updated versions now available seem to be from a black plastic, which should wear better instead of peeling over time. Updated trim is available here.

One of the cheapest and best upgrades you can make is to replace this trim piece, which is about $75 or so online here. I recently replaced the trim piece specific to the E53 sport models, and detail the steps on how to remove the steering wheel so replace the trim in this new video below.

Most sport package cars require the airbag and steering wheel to be safely removed before the trim can be replaced. It’s always important to disconnect the battery and use safety precautions while working near an airbag.

The procedure for steering wheel removal on the M-technic wheels is pretty much identical as the video above here. While you’re replacing that trim, go and check out BMW’s website to see if your airbag needs to be replaced under the latest recall. Click here to check, have your VIN number handy. BMW will replace Takata airbags free of charge under this recall program.


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