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Five New YouTube Videos on my 1990 E32 735iL

Recently, upon late night browsing of Facebook Marketplace, I stumbled upon a 1990 735iL available for sale. Days went by, then a week. I saw that the car was still available and it was on my mind; I couldn’t stop thinking about how great the car’s condition was. It had been garage kept and driven less than 1,000 miles per year since 2008. Then, Facebook’s sneaky notification buzzed my iPhone. The asking price had dropped from $3,500 USD down to $2,900 USD. I asked for some details on the car, checked out the VIN number, and prepared my offer. I asked if $2,500 USD would do. It was accepted. One week later on a Sunday afternoon the seller delivered the car to my driveway two hours from New York! This Fall 2020 E32 project began as an accidental purchase of a classic BMW that I really should not have purchased. My day job is a stay-at-home Dad to my one year old daughter. I run a business and YouTube channel on nights and weekends, which …

BMW Broken Window Regulator Quick Fix

I’m sure all of us will experience this at some point: you’re going about your life cruising to work in your BMW and you crack your window open for a little bit of fresh air. It makes a horrid clunk sound and you immediately realize that your window isn’t going back up anytime soon. It’s likely that you need a new window regulator; but how do you keep the window up until you can get it fixed?