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BMW Broken Window Regulator Quick Fix

I’m sure all of us will experience this at some point: you’re going about your life cruising to work in your BMW and you crack your window open for a little bit of fresh air. It makes a horrid clunk sound and you immediately realize that your window isn’t going back up anytime soon. It’s likely that you need a new window regulator; but how do you keep the window up until you can get it fixed? 

Here’s a quick fix and temporary solution that will buy you some more time until you can order a new window regulator and find the time to tackle the job. Pick up one of these small suction cup dent puller tools, which works like a charm! They’re about five dollars and install onto the window in a few seconds, keeping your interior warm and dry. This is a much better solution than putting sticky tape on your car that is bound to leave tape residue once you remove it.

Here’s a quick video I uploaded to my YouTube channel showing you how easy this works. Order the tool here and keep one in your tool box so you’re prepared – window regulators seem to fail at the worst possible times!

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