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Five New YouTube Videos on my 1990 E32 735iL

Recently, upon late night browsing of Facebook Marketplace, I stumbled upon a 1990 735iL available for sale. Days went by, then a week. I saw that the car was still available and it was on my mind; I couldn’t stop thinking about how great the car’s condition was. It had been garage kept and driven less than 1,000 miles per year since 2008.

Then, Facebook’s sneaky notification buzzed my iPhone. The asking price had dropped from $3,500 USD down to $2,900 USD. I asked for some details on the car, checked out the VIN number, and prepared my offer. I asked if $2,500 USD would do. It was accepted. One week later on a Sunday afternoon the seller delivered the car to my driveway two hours from New York!

This Fall 2020 E32 project began as an accidental purchase of a classic BMW that I really should not have purchased. My day job is a stay-at-home Dad to my one year old daughter. I run a business and YouTube channel on nights and weekends, which leaves little time to maintain the three BMW’s we already own. This new arrival makes four. My wife is a patient and understanding gem.

To be fair though, the acquisition of new and interesting cars is what fuels this blog and YouTube channel to begin with. I like to think about it this way: even once the car is eventually sold on, I get to keep the videos and memories forever. Of course, I hope the content continues to bring in royalties in perpetuity, too.

To keep this BMW classic blog updated and interesting, here are the first five new videos I made about the new purchase. I’m slowly replacing and repairing the little items that are often overlooked, along with some basic maintenance and servicing. Enjoy.

I Bought a 1990 Islandgrun E32 735iL BMW

This first video is really just to show off how cool this E32 735iL really is. It has some rare options including its color: islandgrun metallic. This long wheelbase 7er has 4.5” of extra leg room in the rear, along with a power adjustable rear seat and an uber rare LSD – limited slip differential.

What Special Coolant Does My BMW Take?

The idea for this video came when I realized how often I’m asked about coolant in these cars. BMW basics is a series of videos where I try to appreciate what seems obvious to a seasoned enthusiast may not be obvious to everyone. This is one of those things. In this video I share why it’s important to use BMW blue coolant in your car, not the garden variety green stuff.

How to Perform The BMW Stomp Code Test Procedure

The BMW Stomp Test as it’s known as, was a fun rediscovery of an old trick. This trick allows you to read and decipher OBDI diagnostic trouble codes on 1995 and earlier BMW cars. For many years I shared a 1994 530i 5-speed sedan with my Dad, the last car of this era with the stomp test feature. Since the car was sold in 2014, I’ve only driven BMW’s with OBDII diagnostic capabilities, so this feature was long since forgotten. Until I bought the E32.

BMW Door Handle Gasket Rubber Seal Removal and Replacement

Another element the E32 shares with the E34 is the door handle gasket issue. These cars have rubber gaskets surrounding the door handles which dry out over time, crack and rot. They’re unsightly and can allow water into the door. I can’t recall ever replacing them on my Dad’s old E34, but I got to try it for the first time on the new 735iL.

BMW Broken Fuel Gas Door Hinge Repair

Finally, the good old broken fuel hinge issue: I’ve definitely been here before. My Dad’s E34 had this same problem, so when I saw that the fuel door wouldn’t stay open, I knew what needed to be done. This is where experience saves the day. The hairline crack in the hinge is not easily visible, but can be seen if the door is overextended outwards. The repair is relatively difficult, because of the design of the plastic hinge.

So there you go, five new YouTube videos on the Bimmerzeit channel. More to come, soon. As Gary Vaynerchuk says, content is king.


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