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Pristine 1991 318is in Alpineweiss

The E30 318is is commonly referred to as the poor man’s M3. It shares some traits with the M3 including a 4 cylinder engine, near perfect 50-50 weight distribution and a thrilling driving experience. While it’s 1.8 liter M42 engine boasts a modest 138 horsepower compared to the M3’s 197 horsepower, it is still a fun little drive.

This owner says this car has over $7500 in rebuilds and service during his ownership, and it really does show. This is one of the cleanest and most original looking 318’s I’ve seen in some time. The stock vinyl interior is perfect, along with a crack free dashboard and clean 318is specific factory berber textured carpet.

318is interior

The 318is was manufactured one year only, in 1991. With a relatively small production number on these cars, they have soared in valuation in recent years due to the high market demand for a collectible E30. This car is a great example of a collectible classic German car that the average car enthusiast can afford.

318is vinyl interior

This car has 185,000 miles and is currently offered for $11,000 or best offer here on eBay. What do you guys think of this one?

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