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Cheap E30 M3 Project Car

Searching for an E30 M3 in 2016 is no easy task. The classic German car bubble has been inflating since 2010 and has yet to lose any momentum. The days of ratty $10,000 range E30 M3 finds are long gone, now just old legends that we will reminisce about for years to come. These days, even a heavily road worn M3 can command big dollars. That brings us to today’s eBay find, a 1988 model with 325,000 hard earned miles. 

High mileage E30 M3

There’s something exciting about seeing an old neglected BMW in this shape. Faded paint, pine needles and leaves settled into every edge. These are the signs car hunters drool over when searching for a bargain. It often signals to the car hunter that the owner doesn’t know what they have, and a deal can be had.

M3 interior

This ratty M3 sports it’s original black leather interior with M3 specific seating. It has seen better days but is original and complete. The rear bench is present as well, with aged leather that has never known the loving touch of a detailer’s cloth.

Worn M3 interior

Overall this car is complete and the seller adds it has a clean title for it. Time will tell how much it brings at auction.



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